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Friday, November 1, 2019

#238 - Finally 18 - Exclusives + Gachas

Today this is my first blog post for After Paripi Fair  - an Anime Event that starts on NOV, 2nd. The cute Hair is by [KRR] Kururu Hair. I have taken a close up too, so you can see all wonderfull details. The scene is build with Gachas from the current round of Gacha Garden.
You can see all details on my flickr or you can follow my new InstagramMaybe you want to have a look at the Gimme Gacha Productions Blog - The Gacha Garden Event?
The Home of "After Paripi Fair" is HERE (find the SLUrl in credits below).

GENUS Classic Head

MUDSKIN - Gacha Skin - got it at marketplace

:Z.S: Frosty Cups Gacha 
 Mouth Cherry - Get after 20 plays
@ The Gacha Garden 

Maitreya Lara

Kururu Hair - [KRR] Yuyu hair - available with different multi texture HUDs
available @ After Paripi Fair

Sintiklia Gacha Eyes - got them at Marketplace

AURORA Flower Euphoria Gacha
3. AURORA Flower euphoria Gacha - panties RARE
3. AURORA Flower euphoria top RARE
3. AURORA Flower euphoria wristband RARE
4. AURORA Flower euphoria ribbon RARE
4. AURORA Flower euphoria shoes RARE
4. AURORA Flower euphoria stockings RARE
28. AURORA Flower euphoria shoes 
 @ The Gacha Garden 

NACH Clara Bedroom Gacha
NACH Clara Rug
NACH Clara Blinds
NACH Clara Nightstand1
NACH Lambykins
NACH Clara Storage Boxes
NACH Clara Stool
NACH Clara Nightstand2
 @ The Gacha Garden 

*CK* Cute bear gacha 
*CK* Cute bear gacha - cute
*CK* Cute bear gacha - kawaii
 @ The Gacha Garden 

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