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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

#292 - Your Valentine is waiting

With the exception of the Egozy Skin, all items in the photo and close-up are from the current round of Gacha Gardens.
You can see all details on my flickr or you can follow my new Instagram.

Maybe you want to have a look at the Gimme Gacha Productions Blog - The Gacha Garden?

Genus Baby Face Head 

Maitreya Lara

Egozy.Britney (Pack) GenusProject & BOM (tone: Tan)
@ Mainstore

LOTUS Gacha - LOTUS. Majestic Eyes 01 (Catwa) 

FABIA Gacha -   <Mandy>RARE1 
-FABIA- Gacha  -      Mandy accessories

Cyberstar BodyArt Tattoos Butterfly V2 colored   
 - (CyberStar BodyArt @ Mainstore  or at marketplace ) 


[Eternus] Seduction Gacha
[Eternus] Seduction Top Maitreya (Chocolate)
[Eternus] Seduction Belt Maitreya (Chocolate)
[Eternus] Seduction Panties Maitreya (Chocolate)

 Art&KO - Rain out of love GACHA
1 RARE Art&KO - Rain out of love GACHA - Coat  (Maitreya)
2 Art&KO - Rain out of love GACHA - Brown umbrella
@ The Gacha Garden


Sway's [Roja] Romantic Pergola Gacha
Sway's [Roja] Floor
Sway's [Roja] Trellis with Ribbons . pink RARE
Sway's [Roja] Bench . red
Sway's [Roja] Floor Petals . pink
Sway's [Roja] Hanging Hearts A . pink
Sway's [Roja] Hanging Hearts B . red
Sway's [Roja] Heart Bunting small short . red
Sway's [Roja] Topiary with Hearts small. pink . SOI
Sway's [Roja] Topiary with Hearts tall . red . SOI
 @ The Gacha Garden 

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